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To the Parents:

To the Parents

Boys' Varsity Parents' Letter




To The Parents:

Another soccer season is here. We’re excited about our teams and hope your kids are too. Of course, the primary goal is for everyone to have fun and improve their soccer skills.

Regardless of ability, every team member deserves to be treated with encouragement. Players should respect each other and other team’s members on and off the field and should learn to win and lose well.

Games: During games please sit on the other side of the field from the team and keep your comments positive while encouraging them. Please treat the referees with respect. (Put yourself in their place…not always a fun place to be!)

Please make every effort to have your child at our games 30 min. before the scheduled start, unless stated otherwise by the coach. If your child cannot go please let the coach know as soon as possible.

If your child misses practices or has disciplinary problems, he may have more “bench time” during the games. Injury, illness and family emergencies may be excused. Please know that this policy is in place so that participation in the games is fair for everyone.

Bring: Please be sure your child has a water bottle(labeled), cleats(no toe cleats), shin guards, a t-shirt(for practice), jersey(for games), and an extra warm shirt to put underneath, in case of cold weather.

Contacts: Please check your email often as that will be a primary source of up-to-date information. Check our website or for last minute items we will phone you.

We look forward to a great season of soccer. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.




(More to be added as questions arise)

The weather report says it's going to rain on game day.  Should we plan on not attending?

The games are played rain or shine unless lightening is present.  If severe weather is expected the coach will call and let you know the games have been cancelled.

Well, how about practices?

The same holds true with practices as with games, unless your coach tells you otherwise, the practice will still be held.


What is Offsides?

         1. Offside position

a.  A player is in an offside position if he is nearer to his opponent's goal than both the ball and the second last opponent(including goalie).

          2.  Offense

a.  The player is penalized only if , at the moment the ball is touched by one of his team; he is interfering with play or interfering with an opponent or gaining an advantage by being in that postion.

          3.  No Offense

a.  There is no offside offense if a player recieves the ball directly from a goal kick or a throw-in or a corner kick.



For any offside offense the referee awards an indirect free kick to the opposing team.  This is to be kicked from where the offense occurred.

For a clip that really shows what offsides is click here :



To see official FIFA rules click here